Training System

A system deeply rooted in the New Testament to train church leaders and mature all believers.

Our Resources

First Principles

The First Principles series is designed to mature all believers through reading and understanding scripture. By engaging in discussions within their churches or small groups, believers will learn to identify core biblical ideas and how to apply what they’ve learned to their mind, heart, and life.

Leadership Series

The Leadership Series is a collection of resources used to equip church leaders, pastors, and missionaries that incorporates a process of studying together and developing one-mindedness around biblical principles, and unity around culturally relevant strategies and applications.

Life Development Series

The Life Development Series provides tools of engagement for all believers to develop a life of wisdom using biblical principles and fulfilling one’s life purpose, as well as how to interact with their communities and impact their culture through skillful living.

BILD Cloud

The BILD Cloud is an online tool that facilitates mentoring relationships between experienced church leaders and students who are enrolled in programs. Leaders can track the progress of students’ work, and access BILD resources and materials translated in their languages.