Mongolia: Embracing Life Stewardship in Community

By Byra Dashdorj, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The family that hosted Byra Dashdorj during the 2019 BILD International Conference made an impression on him. Byra experienced the impact of churches working through the LifeN resource together, laying foundations for lives well-lived. Byra was so impacted that when he returned home, he led his own network of church leaders through the book and trained them to do the same in their churches.

Read his story:

We did an 8-week LifeN seminar with around half (20 leaders) of our cohort. The seminar was good and encouraged leaders to look back and see what God had done and helped them plan their lives instead of planning only for their ministry. We worked through one topic each week, with each person doing their work prior to gathering together.

This 8 weeks of LifeN was most effective because we started with sharing timelines and working one by one. In this group, they learned together with their spouses. And being all in the same church, it made things more accessible especially for emotional sharing. Each week we are amazed by each others’ insights as well.

During the 8 weeks of the seminar, we saw some life decisions for their current struggles and job plan. Many of them started thinking about what they were doing/working/ministering and started searching for their reason/calling for their further walk. This resulted in people better understanding their ability to develop their lives, ministries, as well as marriages. There were many sharings and heartwarming moments, but I remember that it ended up there was ‘more’ loving God, more willing to minister to others, some of the leaders dedicated themselves for more ministries for others, like young adults and youth. One lady left her UN office work for what she discovered was where she is called/supposed to be, according to her testimony.