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2014 International Conference

October 29–November 8, 2014 • Ames, Iowa

We are looking forward to the International Conference this year for another opportunity to equip leaders and strengthen and accelerate church-planting networks around the globe, through training workshops, presentations, and interaction. During the last 3 days of the conference this year, known as the Executive Leadership Summit, we are looking forward to addressing the phenomenal growth of Shadow Cities around the world’s large urban centers and how BILD’s partners are reaching these communities.

Each year the number of conference requests and requests to partner with us has grown tremendously. In previous years, we received over 1000 requests to come to the conference. This year we have been wrestling with how to respond to this growing need. Please read below to see the training opportunities that are available to you.

Antioch School Registration for North American Leaders:

Initial Certification Training and Ongoing Certification training through the Antioch School are available at the conference for North American leaders. If you are a North American leader and desire to attend the Initial or Ongoing certification training held during the 2014 International Conference, please register through the Antioch School North American Registration Center. If you come for training, you will have the opportunity to participate in the Executive Leadership Summit (ELS) Thursday night through Saturday morning and participate in the conversation regarding Shadow Cities. The ELS is designed for foundation leaders and churches and individuals who support BILD’s mission of equipping the global church.

Next Steps for international leaders who have attended a previous BILD Conference and not yet requested an invitation:

Besides new requests, the number of leaders who have gone through Initial Certification has become extremely large. Many leaders have come to previous Summits, received training, signed MOU’s and gone home and started to implement the ideas. This group of Partners has also grown to a number whose ongoing training can’t be easily handled at our Conference.

This year we have made the decision to limit conference attendees to key church network partners who are actively establishing their networks using the C-BTE philosophy and resources.

Before we can invite you to the Conference this year, we need you to evaluate your progress in becoming a C-BTE partner using the following questions as criteria.

  1. If you have an active plan for training Type I–V Leaders, please describe your plan.
  2. Have you signed a partner MOU with BILD?
  3. Have you signed a publishing agreement with BILD?
  4. If you are using The First Principles on a widespread basis, please describe.
  5. If you are using BILD’s Leadership Series courses to train your key leaders, please describe. (some may have already enrolled in the Antioch School, especially the D.Min. program)
  6. Where are you currently in your translation of BILD resources? Please list languages you have/are translating.
  7. Where are you currently in your printing and distribution of BILD resources? Please list languages you have/are printing and using.

If you think you meet these criteria:
Please answer the questions above and email your response to BILD at

If you think you don’t yet meet these criteria:
We encourage you to use the Initial Certification resources to move you along the Partnership Path--sharpening your own understanding of the concepts and using them with leaders in your network to strengthen your ministry.

Available soon! Please check back regularly for notification about when these resources will be available.

2400 Oakwood Road • Ames, IA 50014-8417 • 515.292.7012 (p) • 515.292.1933(f) • bild@bild. org

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