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2015 International Conference

October 27–November 6, 2015 • Ames, Iowa

We are looking forward to the International Conference this year for another opportunity to equip leaders and strengthen and accelerate church-planting networks around the globe, through training workshops, presentations, and interaction. During the last two days of the conference this year, known as the Executive Leadership Summit, we are looking forward to addressing the topic of equipping church-planting movements to move from sustainability to high-impact expansion.

This year we are continuing to limit conference attendees to key international church network partners who are actively establishing their networks using the C-BTE philosophy and resources.

Who will be at the BILD International Conference?

In addition to international leaders, we are inviting North American church leaders who want to partner with them! That includes...

  • Church leaders who are already supporting BILD's International Partners or who are coming to learn more about supporting them!
  • New church leaders who want an orientation to BILD International and the paradigm of church-based theological education, with the intention of partnering with BILD internationally.
  • Church leaders in our CityChurch Network, since they have already made commitments to our international partners!
  • Church leaders in BILD's 30-City Urban Strategy to reach North American Urban Centers––our purest strategy for North America!

North American Leaders

We hope that you are one of those partners, ready to labor with us in these historic movements of churches. If you’re not already partnering with us, please consider the following questions. If you answer “yes” to any one of these questions, please register and join us at the conference. If none of these questions fits your circumstances, please see the notes below on the Antioch School and the BILD Institute on how you can continue to work with us.

  1. Are you and/or your church willing to support an existing BILD International partner and their five-year plans to train leaders for their movement of churches? Are you willing to support any of the following options for our existing partners around the world?
    1. $2000 for an international partner to attend the conference
    2. $2000 to translate one First Principles book or $8000 for Series 1 (4 books)
    3. $3000 to translate one Leadership Series course or $12,000 for the core 4 courses
    4. $95,000 to support an entire international partner’s Type I–V Leadership training strategy for 1 year (the cost of one missionary!)
    5. Other/comments
  2. Are you and/or your church interested in joining the CityChurch Network? Are you looking to participate with us in our North America 30-City Urban Strategy?

2400 Oakwood Road • Ames, IA 50014-8417 • 515.292.7012 (p) • 515.292.1933(f) • bild@bild. org

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