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Discipleship I

Covers the beginnings of personal faith and lays a firm foundation for growth.

First Principles Series I

The First Principles Series I is the biblical core of the Discipleship I program. These four six-session booklets cover the process of establishing believers in their faith in the context of a local church––a household of God.

  • Becoming a Disciple
  • Belonging to a Family of Families
  • Participating in the Mission of the Church
  • Cultivating Habits of the Heart

Portfolio Guides

The Discipleship I Life and Ministry Development Portfolio Guides provide the learner and leader with the ability to assess and track the learner’s progress through the Discipleship I program. The information recorded in the Portfolio Guides can be directly entered into the ePortfolio System.

Portfolio Pack: $24 each

  • 1 Discipleship I Leader’s Portfolio Guide
  • 10 Discipleship I Learner’s Portfolio Guides
  • 10 Learner ePortfolio Licenses
  • Discipleship I Certificates (upon completion)

ePortfolio System

The BILD ePortfolio System is web-based software for church leaders to track the training of church members, assess their progress, and measure the overall success of their programs. The ePortfolio system is integrated with The First Principles Series and the Portfolio Guides.

ePortfolio access is included with the Discipleship I Portfolio Pack.

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